Prepared with all-natural ingredients, Frumoo is a truly unique product; a smoothie that is … well … smoother than all of the others!

That’s because it is made using only the finest British fruit and milk, resulting in a fresh and imaginative thirst-quencher that rejuvenates the body and strengthens the immune system.

Created and developed by Maria Leavesley, inventor and proud mum of five, Frumoo was born out of simple observations, and here it is worth quoting Maria on the company’s website:

‘Our journey has been one of sticky drinks spills, clumsy bottles and a general dislike of bananas and lumpy bits. “I want real fruit and fresh milk mummy! With no preservatives, no artificial nasties, just natural fresh British produce.” (OK, so my children didn’t exactly say all that … but as a parent I know what’s best for them!).’

Clearly, Maria and her team are extremely passionate about their product. So passionate that Frumoo was being launched at the same time that was Maria ‘launching’ a new baby! And this enthusiasm has been backed up by children throughout the country. As a matter of fact, in blind tastings with kids of all ages, Frumoo came out on top when compared with several of its major competitors; often by quite a margin. Moreover, Maria’s children helped her to develop the product, so Frumoo in many ways has been created by its target market, and you don’t get any finer recommendation than that!

The leading retailers agree with the kids too, with Waitrose, John Lewis and Selfridges Food Halls in London stocking Frumoo’s two delicious flavours: Blackcurrant, Plum, Apple and Fresh Milk and Raspberry, Pear, Apple and Fresh Milk. And since variety is the spice of life, a third Frumoo flavour in being launched in 2011, Strawberry, Cherry, Blackberry, Apple and Fresh Milk, all using fresh whole fruit and natural juices not from concentrate, old-fashioned goodness just the way nature intended.

Frumoo is also available online via Ocado, which means you can have healthy, refreshing smoothies delivered straight to your door, no matter where you live – just watch out for the vans!

Frumoo sets a new standard in the perennially popular world of the smoothie and, tasting too good to actually be good for you (although it obviously is), has no yoghurt, bits of banana or lumpy bits!

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