Food Technology Corporation has just launched its new time-saving touch-screen food texture analyser, the TMS-Touch.

The TMS-Touch saves food processors time and money because it allows fast and easy texture evaluation to reduce off spec production costs and product waste. Since consumers judge the quality of their food through texture evaluation, it is vital to maintain consistent texture standards through a routine system of objective monitoring.

Easy-to-operate, Food Technology Corporation’s TMS-Touch texture analyser is an affordable, stand-alone system designed specifically for quick and easy food texture testing.

Controlled by an easy-to-use LCD Touch-Screen, The TMS-Touch requires minimal operator training and doesn’t require a PC for testing. Tests are performed at the push of a button and regularly used tests can be saved as “Favourites” for instant test recall and setup. Plus there’s password protection to safeguard the data and test setups.

The TMS-Touch can determine the textural properties of almost any food product, including baked goods, confectionery items, dairy products, fruits, vegetables and meats. Test methods such as breaking, snapping, tension, shearing, bulk analysis, compression, penetration and extrusion tests are all easily performed.

The President of FTC, Shirl Lakeway Jr, states: “For an all-in-one, routine, food texture measurement system, the TMS-Touch offers the ideal solution without the complexity of a fully featured, research instrument. It is flexible, easy to programme, simple to use and very affordable.”

The full range of test cells, probes and fixtures offered by FTC are available for use with this system. You can create and store multiple test programmes and there are five favourite buttons for direct access to frequently used programmes. The 10 ranges of intelligent loadcells are changeable in seconds.

If your requirements change, an upgrade path is available to enable the Advanced Test programme mode. This gives you the full functionality of FTC’s research model, The TL-Pro texture system software.


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