Consumers are turning in ever-greater numbers to products that represent a delicious and healthy alternative to commonly used condiments such as mayonnaise and sour cream, with authentic Mediterranean dips becoming a staple in many homes and catering outlets.

And for those who live and work in London, the authenticity, quality and service provided by Waltham Forest-based Mr Dips is fuelling their popularity even further!

Established in 2009 by Hasan Erdin, who has over a decade of experience of producing superior dips, Mr Dips offers its customers a broad portfolio of tasty lines, including perennial favourites such as yoghurt, hummus, tarama salata, and tzatziki.
Hummus is one of the world’s oldest foods, with evidence suggesting the active cultivation of chickpeas in the Mediterranean basin beginning around 5,000 years ago. With the emergence of the health-conscious consumer, hummus has become a ‘must have’ for vegetarians and meat-eaters alike, and is to be found in kitchens throughout the Middle East, the Mediterranean and, more and more, northern Europe and the UK.

Greek yoghurt, another favourite, is renowned for its health giving properties which, containing live culture, has been shown to prevent certain digestive tract problems and yeast infections. It goes without saying that it’s delicious too, made only from natural ingredients, and has a thick, creamy consistency because of the traditional methods Mr Dips follows in order to produce its Greek yoghurt.
Also yoghurt based, tzatziki is a Greek yoghurt sauce, made with cucumbers and fresh mint … and it’s a classic, often served with kebabs, crusty bread or warm pita.

Tarama Salata is made from roe of carp and is often referred to as Greek caviar. Indeed, many people prefer it to traditional caviar, and Mr Dips offers some of the finest you will find this side of Thessalonika.

Mr Dips supplies a growing range of other products too, including halloumi and feta cheese, cemen (a cumin paste) and tahini dip. Moreover, serving wholesalers, supermarkets, restaurants and other discerning customers, it is steadily expanding out of the capital, primarily through recommendation and word-of-mouth.

Indeed, fully HACCP accredited and looking to gain BRC certification, Mr Dips is genuinely optimistic about the future: it was launched at the sharp of the current global recession and yet has continued to grow and expand, proving yet again that quality, service and authenticity is always in demand – and that’s exactly what you get from Mr Dips!

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