Drink Me Chai can now offer its customers an ethically sound choice with its special Fairtrade blend of Spiced Chai Latte. The blend, which is the first and only Fairtrade instant Chai Latte on the market in Europe, has already been selected by Virgin trains to serve onboard their fleet of trains. The product is available to trade in 4×1 kilo drums and 6x250g tubs and to consumers online at www.discountcoffee.co.

Drink Me Chai Latte blends, offer a traditional taste of Chai Latte; a luxurious relaxing blend of exotic spices, black tea and skimmed milk. It’s a different kind of hot drink – based on the original ‘latte’ created in India over 5,000 years ago!

“We are delighted to have finally received certification for the only Fairtrade instant Chai Latte, as this allows operators such as Virgin Trains, whose hot beverages are 100% Fairtrade, to also offer their customers a premium Chai Latte.”

The special Chai Latte Fairtrade blend has been certified by the FAIRTRADE Foundation which gives Drink Me Chai the license to use its familiar mark on the new product.

For a product to display the FAIRTRADE Mark it has to meet International Fairtrade standards which are agreed through a process of research and consultation with key participants in the Fairtrade scheme.

With consumers becoming increasingly aware of how and where their food is produced, through campaigns such as Fairtrade Fortnight, it is important for food & drink manufacturers to support a move towards achieving an international trade system based on justice and fairness.

For further information visit www.drinkmechai.co.uk or call 01689 854 270