Many visitors from overseas still imagine that we are a nation where, in the words of the well-known song, ‘at half past three, everything stops for tea’. Well, they’d be wrong, because nowadays it stops way before then, particularly at one of the UK’s freshest and most exciting venues, Tea Monkey!

In recent years, of course, it has been very much the coffe shop that has taken over the high street, particularly the big American and pseudo-Italian brands. But the founders of Tea Monkey saw a niche in the market for a specialist tea café; a place where people could chill or work, meet and eat, and have access to the latest technology: free wi-fi, and free use of wall mounted iPads. It had to be a space for everyone … and all food products had to be as locally sourced as possible. Consequently, the very first Tea Monkey was opened to great acclaim in Milton Keynes, with three further outlets soon to follow in Birmingham, Liverpool and London. In fact, there are a further 10 outlets in cities across the UK that are in the advanced planning stages, with a franchise opportunity also set to be introduced in 2012.

Tea Monkey is a refreshing, clean and cutting-edge tea bar, with over 40 different types of loose tea and pyramid tea sacs, including wellness and blooming teas. It also offers customers a wide range of hot and cold drinks, sandwiches, wraps, funky cup cakes and pastries. Tea Monkey provides gluten free products, vegetarian options and creative activities for children too.

Naturally, Tea Monkey is going to sell coffee – damn good coffee it has to be said, by creating its own coffee blends using its fabulous La Marzocco coffee machine! In fact, the best cup of coffee (however you like it) in town. Even better, it is also offering chocolate shots and iced drinks … so there is something for everyone.

The service is as good as the food and drink, with the team at Tea Monkey genuinely wanting its customers to have a nice day. And that’s not just sales hype, because it’s a long day for the company’s employees and it’s pretty cool to work somewhere where you enjoy it!

The British like tea; really, really like tea. Let’s face it, a good cuppa sorts out most things, and at Tea Monkey you’ll certainly get a great cuppa, as well as the opportunity to try some new flavours whenever you visit.

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