Georgia-Pacific is offering a flexible new solution to customisation for the HORECA industry this season, with the European launch of mix n’ match table top range from Lotus Professional®.

The mix n’ match collection from the Lotus Professional® range allows café’s, restaurants and other food outlets to put their own unique stamp on disposable tableware and select distinctive combinations of colour from a wider variety of new shades, inspired by current trends and preferences within the catering industry.

Variety and flexibility

Mix n’ match is comprised of four distinctive genres, including Neo Traditional, Cosy & Chic, Theatrical, and Happy and Fresh.

The objective of mix n’match is to offer a wide range in choice of product, colour and design, but at the same time to facilitate the task of coordinating a modern and fashionable table setting to suit the personality and mood you wish to portray to your guests.

The mix n’match collection allows you to keep the table decoration fresh by making it easy to change the table setting style according to different times of the day (breakfast, lunch, dinner), seasons, or even different events, so as to always reflect the right look for the right occasion.

Caterers can select a preferred mix n’ match theme to compliment the tone and personality of their brand. Each theme offers a complete collection of disposable tableware, including multiply napkins, LinStyle napkins, table cloths, slipcovers, coasters, placemats and pochettes, facilitating full tabletop co-ordination and aesthetic consistency.

Elegance and style

The option to create distinctive, matching tableware sets mean table top products can be co-ordinated with the exact design to suit a brand, demonstrating service consistency and offering a simple yet effective solution to renewing or establishing brand image.

The website allows the owner to create a 3D universe and easily customise a table setting, using products from the mix n’match collection. Table decoration has never been so exciting…” says Emma Nourry, Trade Marketing Manager Georgia-Pacific GB

Cost-effective solution

The flexibility of the mix n’ match solution also allows caterers to revise or promote their image with just a few small changes, eliminating the need for costs associated with more extravagant alterations to decor. The option to mix premium with lower cost products for different mealtimes also provides an economical solution to creating personality and keeping the edge on competitors, at minimal expense.

For more information on the Mix n’ match range please visit or call 0114 2856666


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