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If one looks closely at the brewing industry, in addition to the main ingredients, there are many other products that are required to ensure that the brew is just right, that it travels well and is in exactly the right condition as it hits the glass. One company that will have been serving this sector for 125 years in 2012 is Murphy & Son Limited of Old Basford, Nottingham.

Founded by Albert John Murphy in 1887, it has developed very close links with all breweries in the UK and a growing number overseas. Originating in Leeds, it moved its manufacturing capability to Nottingham in 1919, to the splendid Hutchinson’s, Prince of Wales Brewery site (now a listed building) has us well placed with modern equipment and communications to support our growing customer base for the future. Mr Murphy quickly realised the importance of formulating individual water treatments to enhance the immediate water supply to an individuals’ specific beer qualities. Very soon preservatives, finings agents, cleaning products, enzymes and yeast foods were all added to the product range.

Today, the product range has widened considerably and can be divided into two main areas. The first is the traditional brewing products while the second, which is very much an ancillary area, covers manual handling equipment and accessories.

Technical Administrator Frances Maud explains, “For over 100 years, we have concentrated on our main stream ranges of products. During the 1980’s Murphy’s, took the leading role in supporting a resurgent growth in new breweries, the time of the micro brewery was evident and has grown strongly ever since together with an ever changing and evolving Murphy & Son Ltd to cater and meet their needs. Through strategic alliances, we can supply hops and malt, specialist yeasts and laboratory sundries. In 1998, we purchased the brewing portfolio of Amyleau Ltd adding a range of enzymes, head retention agents and silicon antifoams to the product range. In 2002, the purchase of Savilles from LHS Holdings enabled us to become a major manufacturer of isinglass finings.”

The diversification came in 2004, when Murphy’s bought Samuel Handley Ltd, enabling them to move into supplying safety equipment for the movement of casks and kegs, at delivery and in cellars. In the same year they bought the controlling interest in Sutton & Phillips Ltd, which included the renowned cleaning materials Antiformin and PCD (Pipe Cleaning Detergent). In 2008, the acquisition of NBS Brewery Services further consolidated their position within the industry. Today, the product range includes cellar and warehouse foam pads, cork filled drop bags, dray pads and a range of sack and barrel trucks, keg skates, hooks and ropes. This range is being further widened by the introduction of non-slip kitchen matting and bar matting and hazard warning signs.

The company provides the culture for the manufacture of all types of blue vein cheese too, with this particular strain, Penicillium roqueforti, having been held within the Murphy & Son laboratories for over 80 years. In addition, it supplies enzymes, preservatives, detergents and disinfectants (all food grade).

Frances concludes by adding, “We are continually looking to expand both our range and our marketplace. Many of the latest products that we now offer are equally applicable to the food and drink industry, including for example preservatives, enzymes and an anti-foaming agent that can be used to control any food or drink fermentation process. We pride ourselves on our technical knowledge, every chemical product that we sell goes with a technical data sheet. Our customer base now stretches right across the UK to Europe and the USA. We also pride ourselves on our quality, having won accreditation to BS EN 5750 part 2 in 1993 and retaining this accreditation to the present standard of BS EN ISO 9001:2008.”


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