Following a visit overseas, Stephanie Walker and her husband Gary decided to invest in the American franchise Marble Slab Creamery after being suitably impressed with the store’s range of freshly made gourmet ice creams and related frozen food products..

Originating from Houston, Texas in 1983, the Marble Slab Creamery is founded on the brand’s now famous ‘frozen slab’ technique for ice cream preparation.

A UK first – Marble Slab Creamery arrives at Meadowhall

In December 2010 the husband and wife team opened the first Marble Slab Creamery in a UK shopping Mall in Meadowhall, Sheffield.

Following a comprehensive store fit, in keeping with the brand’s kitsch 50s America n diner style, using baby pinks, creams and browns, Stephanie sought a napkin solution to fit the busy demands of the grab and go culture.

But after only a few months in operation Stephanie realised that the stainless steel dispenser was not only unattractive, but also ineffective as customers would grab more than was needed and discard them on the counter top and tables.

Keen to look for a better, more cost effective alternative, Marble Slab Creamery decided to trial the JustOne® Mini dispenser from Lotus Professional®. So impressed with the results, the team at Marble Slab Creamery decided to carry the Lotus Professional® JustOne® Mini dispenser across the store, as Stephanie Walker explains:

“Meadowhall welcomes about 30 million visitors a year – Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays are particularly busy for us so we need quick and reliable products to help provide an efficient, reliable service for our customers.

“We specialize in selling over 50 flavours of handmade ice creams, from pretzel to red velvet flavours. Alongside this, we also sell a range of ice cream cakes and are about to launch a range of pizza and pasta based products.

“Hygiene is of paramount importance to us, so handling ice cream cones is done with a JustOne® Mini napkin to limit the risk of cross contamination. The JustOne® Mini napkin is a perfect size to wrap around the cone and feels soft to hold for the consumer. Customers can easily take an additional napkin to help with any melted product or stray toppings. The dispenser is designed so that the user only touches the napkin he or she has taken so it’s incredibly hygienic.”

Stephanie added “We noticed that customers were taking multiple napkins and the dispenser was messy, spilling products from all sides. We needed a solution which provided single sheet dispensing to limit any unnecessary mess or wastage.

“The JustOne® Mini dispenser is a great solution for us as our customers need a quick and easy option. It’s easy to refill and it’s also aesthetically in keeping with the design of the shop – we’re even able to put our own imagery in the front of the dispenser with our branding, thanks to the customisable card inserts.”

Trade Marketing manager from Georgia-Pacific, Emma Nourry, said: “The JustOne® Mini dispenser is ideal for the grab and go catering industry – it’s incredibly user-friendly, presenting one napkin each time, with vertical dispensing for 360° easy access.

“We’re delighted that the Marble Slab Creamery has opted to used the JustOne® Mini dispenser – it’s such a great concept and welcome addition to the UK catering market so it’s fantastic that our products are able to help so many customers in one of the busiest shopping centres in the UK.”

The JustOne® Mini dispenser is compact and robust – its transparent window allows the user to see when to refill. The napkins are 2-ply, soft and absorbent but also environmentally conscious, as the single sheet dispensing prevents clumping and the napkin itself is made from recycled paper.

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