Ringtons is a family business with a history stretching back to 1907, when Sam Smith moved from Leeds to Newcastle to set up his own tea delivery business.

He had an investment of £250 from his business partner William Titterington and began making door-to-door deliveries by horse and cart. He chose part of his partner’s name – Rington – with the addition of an “s” to represent Smith – there never was a Mr Rington, instead, the Company has till this very day been a family run business with the fifth generation happily involved today.

Stephen Drysdale, Head of Ringtons Beverages, says, “I have been with the Company for about 12 months, having spent more than 12 years in the vending business. I have spent the time improving the infrastructure and product range, with a major investment in information technology and new computer systems. We have also upgraded our transport links offering national delivery now we quite simply need to go and get more customers.”

The business trading division of Ringtons was set up some 35 years ago to provide a local delivery service to guesthouses, hotels, restaurants, coffee shops and delicatessens. My challenge is to take our products and services to a national level. Financially this challenge is to take the turnover from round £1 million as a local supplier to £5 million nationally.

Stephen explains, “We are now looking for established customers where we can install equipment and provide regular supplies of ingredients. One of our strengths is the control of the supply chain, because we purchase, blend, pack and roast all our own  tea and coffee and have established trading relations dating back over a century with some plantations.”

Today the Ringtons Group employs 350 people and a turnover of £35 million.

For further information please telephone [SED] 08000 461444 or visit www.ringtons.co.uk

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