APPE, the packaging division of LSB, is set to increase output and enhance its flexibility to meet customers’ requirements, following its investment of around £1.5m in the installation of the newly developed ProShape production process from Krones.

This is the first ProShape installation undertaken since the technology was launched by Krones and underlines APPE’s commitment to maintaining its market leadership through innovation and customer service.

The new machine is already up and running at APPE’s Gresford site in the UK, servicing clients in the household and personal care sectors, which supports the company’s successful strategy of continuing to expand into other markets in addition to carbonated soft drinks and mineral water.

The new ProShape module is integrated into Krones’ current Contiform series and combines the proven blow-moulding technology of this existing system with a new module for orientation and selective temperature control of the preforms. ProShape offers a significantly optimised production process for oval or asymmetrical containers as well as the potential to produce highly unusual designs and light-weighting of oval packs.

ProShape has a significantly higher output than standard blow moulding machines – around 40%. The Contiform S8 installed at APPE’s Gresford plant has eight cavities, with an output of up to 2,000 bottles an hour per cavity, so it can achieve an impressive 12,000 to 16,000 bottles an hour, depending on the design and complexity of the containers.

The system can also be simply switched from the preferential heating and neck orientation process to a standard blowing mode for producing round bottles when required.

Martene Midwood, Sales Manager commented, “The machine adds value to our processes through its flexibility, which in turn means we can service our customers better in terms of line speed and supplying their just-in-time demand requirements.”


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