Neogen Europe has released a test that detects domoic acid, the naturally-occurring toxin found in shellfish that causes Amnesic Shellfish Poisoning (ASP).

The Neogen Europe Reveal® test is designed to screen suspect samples containing toxin at 10 ppm or greater in shellfish and is extremely sensitive in comparison to other tests on the market. Following the sample extraction, the test takes only 10 minutes to perform.

Ed Bradley, Neogen’s vice president of Food Safety said “This test is simple enough that you can use it on the boat when the shellfish are harvested, yet reliable enough that it can be used in a laboratory.”

Domoic acid occurs globally. The first major recorded case for domoic acid poisoning took place in Canada in 1987 where 150 people became ill and four died after eating mussels. In Europe, it has been found in countries such as Scotland, Northern Ireland, Norway, France, Spain and Portugal. Many countries have established a maximum permitted domoic acid level of 20 mg per kilogram of whole shellfish, or 20 ppm. The European Commission Directive has implemented a maximum permitted level of 20 ppm of domoic acid in shellfish flesh for human consumption. In addition, the FDA has also imposed an action limit of 20 µg/g.

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