When it was time to launch a new product to market for their client Hela Sauces, Pont Packaging located in the Netherlands called on its sister company, leading British glass manufacturer Beatson Clark to deliver the solution.

Hela Sauces launched its new Garlic, Fish, Mustard and Cocktail dressings earlier this year utilising a 250ml Round Sauce Bottle with a 43mm Twist off neck finish. Manufactured in white flint it is available from Beatson Clark’s extensive general sale range and Hela were immediately impressed by the speciality nature of the design.

“Hela were looking for the widest possible distribution network in the Netherlands and are looking to expand further into Europe with this product,” commented Charlotte Taylor Marketing manager Beatson Clark. “We were delighted to work with Pont Packaging to support their client ensuring demand was met as required.”

As this was a completely new product for Hela there was uncertainty as to volume requirements. Here, Beatson Clark was able to help by having a flexible approach and tailoring productions to meet demand.

“Our extensive general sale range demonstrates Beatson Clark’s flexibility to a wide variety of industries,” said Charlotte. “It allows companies to either test the market with new products before commissioning bespoke designs or select a design from the many and varied high quality containers that can be utilised for their product in the longer term.”

Glass continues to be a first choice packaging option for many manufacturers due to its recyclable nature. Brand enhancement can be achieved through embossing and with continued drives to ‘light weight’ products the already attractive environmental credentials will continue to be enhanced further.

For more information about Beatson Clark call 01709 828141 or visit www.beatsonclark.co.uk.