I was tired, I hadn’t been shopping, and so for the first time in my entire life I ordered in pizza. It was the most disgusting ‘food’ I’d had in a long, long time – it was also over double the cost of a really good pizza in a restaurant! What on earth is going on?

What confuses me most is that this particular company is seemingly very successful, but I can’t figure out why? Have the British become used to such dire standards that they now accept such sub-standard food products? Sadly, I think the answer is ‘yes’. And this march towards mediocrity is being led by the big supermarkets. How so? I shall explain.

Over the past few years, all of the big retailers (with the honourable exception of Waitrose, which really does try to keep standards up) have introduced various versions of the ‘Finest’. Now, have you ever thought about this in any detail? Because the fact is that these products, without exception, are nothing less than what you should expect as a bare minimum as regards taste, texture and nutrition. Consequently, the consumer now pays top dollar for a standard product and feels quite happy about it. Brilliant marketing!

The fact is that average is now packaged as high quality, and none of this will change until people learn to prepare and cook food again. This will, of course, probably not happen today, but it will, just as soon as the current obesity problem becomes endemic: probably next Tuesday then.

Rod Millington

Chief Editor

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