Arobase Creative have recently won two categories in the UK Packaging Awards 2022, taking home the first-place position in both Branding Project of the Year and Retail Limited Edition of the Year. Arobase Creative worked on the Falklands 40th Anniversary Commemorative Spirit Collection, creating the branding and packaging design for this special new launch. 

The launch of the Falklands Collection marks 40 years since Argentina invaded the Falkland Islands, a British Overseas territory inhabited by people who had no intention of being ruled by Argentina. The Spirit Collection reminds us of the sacrifices made by so many, and the immense challenge of the deployment of the task force, sailing 8000 miles from the shores of the United Kingdom to liberate the Falklands. 

Alongside Dropzone Brewery, Arobase Creative worked to create the brand and packaging for a set of limited-edition spirits. Using the three themes of Land (whisky), Sea (rum), and Air (gin), they took inspiration from uniform colours, military insignia, battle maps, authentic letters, and historic photographs, to create a premium and modern brand that recognises the importance of such an event. 

Arobase drew inspiration from the heroes, the brave, and the brilliant tacticians and engineers who helped to successfully liberate the Falklands. 

The launch of the Falklands Collection was especially notable because all profits of the launch went to the South Atlantic Medal Association 82 (SAMA82). This is an organisation formed by veterans of the Falklands War, with the aim of establishing and maintaining contact with other organisations involved in the welfare of the Armed Forces. They help ensure that due consideration and support is given to the interests of South Atlantic veterans, meaning their work is essential, and a poignant part of the ongoing efforts to commemorate the War. Each spirit in the Falklands collection was limited to the production of 258 bottles, one bottle to mark every person who lost their life in the liberation of the Falklands. 

Not only is the collection hugely personal and poignant, but it was also incredibly successful, with one set sold at auction for £3000.