In a bid to run more efficiently and to avoid the imminent withdrawal of tax relief on red diesel, family-run whisky producer J&A Mitchell & Co, is switching its energy supply at its Springbank and Glengyle distilleries in Scotland, from gas oil to liquid gas with Flogas. As a result, it is set to cut energy costs by up to 18% even before the subsidy changes, whilst also reducing carbon emissions by more than 20%. It will also minimise other pollutant emissions, making it compliant with the government’s Medium Combustion Plant Directive (MCPD), which regulates against air pollution. 

“We knew we had to move away from oil and find a more futureproof energy solution at some point,” said Findlay Ross, Director of Production at J&A Mitchell & Co. “It was the best way to make huge cost and emissions reductions in one go, without affecting our production process.

“The planned withdrawal of the red diesel fuel subsidy in April 2022 really accelerated our decision. We did the calculations and staying on oil would have had a major impact on our energy bills. That’s when we started looking at liquid gas. We knew other companies in the area were making significant cost and emissions savings and we wanted to tap into that!” 

J&A Mitchell & Co approached liquid gas specialist Flogas and, working in partnership with energy solutions firm Protech and burner manufacturer Weishaupt UK, Protech specified & designed a tailored solution to meet the requirements for both sites. 

“Liquid gas is a much more reliable fuel source for us,” added Findlay. “Running on more modern burners and switching to liquid gas is going to make us so much more efficient. Also, the cost savings are going to be significant, even before the red diesel subsidy withdrawal, which means we can now invest in other important areas of the business.”

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