Chilli No. 5 – the world’s leading luxury hot sauce purveyor – is thrilled to announce that they have won an incredible six 2022 Great Taste Awards.

The Jamaican Jerk, the Chinese Hot & Sour, the Heavenly Harissa, the Devilish Dijon hot sauces, and the Pizza Pizzaz oil garnered a 1-star Great Taste Award, which means “delicious”, and. Chilli No. 5’s hot and fiery Chilli Flakes scooped a coveted 2-star Great Taste Award, which means “outstanding.

Products at the Great Taste Awards are being judged rigorously on taste, texture, appearance, and quality of ingredients and blind-tasted by a panel of more than 500 experts.

 “These six awards are due to our unwavering commitment to creating the world’s finest healthy hot sauces, made from the best ingredients, and our team’s dedication to creating innovative hot sauces that pair beautifully with about any cuisine on the planet.” said Rumble Romagnoli, CEO and founder of Chilli No. 5.

Jamaican Jerk

Chilli No. 5’s lip-smacking Jamaican Jerk luxury hot sauce embodies the flavours of the Caribbean, infused with spicy Scotch bonnet peppers for a truly authentic taste of Jamaica.

Chinese Hot & Sour

Chinese Hot & Sour offers an authentic taste of the Orient and is an ideal accompaniment to a wide range of Asian-inspired dishes. It is packed with roasted tomatoes, red peppers, onions, Szechuan peppers, and caramelised pineapples. 

Pizza Pizzaz

Our Pizza Pizzaz chilli oil is infused with garlic, rosemary, thyme, and Chilli No. 5’s exclusive five chilli blend. Perfect drizzled on pizza, pasta, and grilled meats and seafood.

Devilish Dijon

Devilish Dijon is a tasty hot and spicy mustard sauce. It is designed to enhance a wide selection of savoury dishes, perfect on juicy steaks or cold cuts.

Heavenly Harissa

Chilli No. 5’s Heavenly Harissa is a North African-inspired sauce filled with roasted red peppers, sundried tomatoes, and garlic. The smoky flavour makes it perfect for BBQs or as a dipping sauce.

Chilli Flakes

Finally, our selection of Chilli Flakes, made from the world’s hottest peppers, adds incredible heat to soups, stews, curries, meats, vegetables, and seafood. Use with caution – these are for serious chilli connoisseurs!

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