* A recent survey by P&G Professional showed that a typical operator in the hospitality sector in the UK spends about £35,000 on replacing linens
* The new Ariel Professional System helps reduce rewash costs by delivering the perfect clean from the first wash
* The new system can be tailored to specific business needs with three system options: Extra Soft & Fresh; White Max and Special Conditions
* Helps professionals achieve top guest ratings

P&G Professional, leaders in professional laundry solutions, introduces the Ariel Professional System, a new auto-dose laundry system designed to deliver an impeccable standard of clean in the first wash, helping to reduce total operating costs.
A recent survey(1) by P&G Professional showed that a typical operator in the hospitality sector in the UK spends about £35,000 on replacing linens, nearly six times more than what is spent on laundry chemicals per year. This investment is in addition to the time and money spent when operators have to rewash an average of 34 wash loads per week.

Thanks to the new Ariel Professional System, operators can look forward to a reduction in their operating costs. Meeting expectations in the first wash, the Ariel Professional System saves time and money – from helping spend less staff time, chemicals, water and energy on rewashing; to helping keep linen in use for longer.

The new Ariel Professional System’ deep cleaning technology can deliver 1 wash results by lifting out stains even from the deepest layers of fabric. The system has been designed for businesses with high laundry volumes that require a quality professional laundry system that meets their specific needs. This new solution respond to guests’ demand for an ‘above average’ level of cleanliness (2) required to get top rating.
From extra soft and fresh towels(3) that delight guests, to perfectly white linen that stay white longer so they can be used over an extended period of time (4), to an optimized washing process for high intensity laundry operation – the Ariel Professional System offers three separate system options adding to one wash results:

1. 1 wash clean + Extra Soft & Fresh, for the characteristic Ariel and Lenor experience that boosts guest satisfaction with extra softness and longer lasting freshness. 2 out of 3 guests would prefer that their towels and linen are being washed with Ariel & Lenor(5). Lenor protects fibers, making linen softer and fluffier to touch. Its micro capsules protect freshness during the laundry process, delivering three times longer lasting freshness. This near pH neutral system is gentle to skin, and gentle to fibers(6).
2. 1 wash clean + White Max, for linen that can stay in use two times longer. The Ariel Professional’s unique triple whitening technology restores the faded whiteness of old linen in one wash, while prolonging whiteness wash after wash. The near pH-neutral system prevents calcium deposits to protect linens from greying, allowing to keep them in use longer and reduce replacement cost.
3. 1 wash clean + Special Conditions, for high volume and heavy duty laundry challenges removes even the toughest stains in the first wash, at temperatures ≥60°C, while maintaining linen whiteness(7) to help save on rewash and linen replacement.

The Ariel Professional System also provides wash programs that disinfect according to European Norm EN 1276 under each of the three system options.(8)
Commenting on the Ariel Professional System, [Mark Porst, Commercial Director UK & Ireland] for P&G Professional said: “In this day and age hospitality businesses and commercial laundry operators are finding it more and more difficult to keep their laundry systems at a premium standard, whilst maintaining customer satisfaction and managing costs. Investment in the Ariel Professional System helps operators meet high guest expectations, but can also contribute to their bottom line by saving time and money throughout the laundry process.”

For more information about the Ariel Professional System and P&G Professional, please visit www.pgpro.co.uk