Leading fresh food packaging manufacturer, LINPAC, has been chosen as a finalist in the 2016 European Business Awards for the Environment (EBAE).

LINPAC is one of 11 UK entrants selected by the award organisers, the RSA Environment Awards Forum, to compete on the European stage. UK entrants are selected from the winners and runners-up of various award schemes accredited by the RSA.

LINPAC was crowned in the Sustainability Leaders Awards for its Rfresh® Elite rPET tray for meat, fish and poultry. The tray uses a unique, patented sealant on the tray flange to create a secure seal with the lidding film, removing the need for the industry standard laminated PE base film.

The ingenious sealing system can be removed in the hot wash processes employed by Europe’s PET recycling companies, meaning a recycled Elite tray will yield 100 per cent crystal clear PET – a breakthrough in tray packaging design.

Alan Davey, director of innovation at LINPAC, said: “Representing the UK in such a prestigious award is a testament to the hard work and dedication that goes into keeping LINPAC at the forefront of the packaging environmental challenge. We are proud of our commitment to working with packers and retailers to develop supply chain efficient and sustainable packaging solutions.”


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