Lightweight Containers has launched a new family of kegs with the brand name UniKeg®. Developed for the American beverage market and integrating a standard Sankey D fitting, the one-way kegs will be produced and sold in the United States.

The new keg uses the Double Wall ™ technology, invented by Lightweight Containers, and already in use in its other family of one-way kegs, the KeyKeg®.

A worthy alternative
Jan Veenendaal, CEO of Lightweight Containers: “UniKeg® has benefited from the expertise, R&D and know-how within Lightweight Containers, which enabled us to develop a high-quality concept and product. UniKeg® gives our customers a new worthy alternative for developing successful product-price-market combinations.”

Made in the US for the US
Anita Veenendaal, Chief Commercial Officer of Lightweight Containers says: “With UniKeg®, we can now serve a segment in the American market that has demanded a one-way keg with a Sankey D fitting. Beverage producers can now opt for a competitively priced keg without compromising on matters like reliability or safety. The fact that we are only producing and marketing UniKeg® in the US shows how high our ambition is for the country.”

Production will begin in August 2016 for availability in Q4. The flexible, fully robotic KeyKeg® production lines permit competitive pricing and will cover the demand for UniKegs® in 2016.

Lightweight Containers strives for a closed system and thus for a circular economy. A UniKeg® is fully recyclable and is made from more than 30% recycled plastic. Thanks to its economical shape, light weight and the fact that return transport is unnecessary, a UniKeg® saves more than 60% on transport, and consequently on CO2 emissions as well.

Spear Versus Laminated Inner Bag
UniKegs® use an inner tube, called a spear, for dispensing the beverage. The barrier qualities for the beverage are provided by “scavengers” in the PET material integrated into the innermost container. The spear and the Sankey D fitting constitute the main difference between a UniKeg® and a KeyKeg.

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