Wellpak, a leading supplier of fresh produce from around the world, has launched a new product line: snack-pots. In a diversification from the traditional fruit punnet, these small pots will begin by containing single servings of blueberries, cherries or cherry tomatoes.

The snack-pots are expected to appeal to consumers who are conscious of the five-a-day mantra, which is one of the most memorable public health campaigns of all time.

‘We’re all aware that we should be eating five portions of fruit or vegetables a day but it’s hard to find time to prepare it, or to grab a healthy snack on the move,’ says Wellpak’s Sales Director, Simon Lane. ‘We’re hoping our snack-pots, which each contain one of your five-a-day, will change that.’

The snack-pots will have peel off lids for easy eating whatever the occasion: breakfast, lunch, in the car, on the train or straight from the fridge whenever.

Wellpak is uniquely positioned to deliver the product since its service partner Ackio – a specialist, highly automated fruit packer – has developed and invested in specialized packing technology that, in combination with Wellpak, gives a unique array of services.

Wellpak’s snack-pots are available to retailers now.


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