With the increasing demand from consumers for thin-cut steaks, Interfood Technology is highlighting the potential for automating the cutting process with the use of dedicated fresh meat portioning systems.

AHDB Beef & Lamb, the organisation that promotes beef and lamb in England, has introduced a campaign to demonstrate opportunities that thin-cut steaks provide for the retail and foodservice markets.

The focus of the campaign is on the butchery techniques required to create a range of beef steaks developed from cuts that are traditionally only used for stewing or other slow-cook methods.

Mark Bishop, Joint Managing Director of Interfood Technology, says: “Thin cut steaks offer a leaner option for increasingly health conscious consumers, they are good value and are quick to cook. As the sole distributor in the UK and Ireland of the TVI range of meat portioning systems, we can offer the capability to produce these so called ‘minute’ or ‘sandwich’ steaks via an automated process which ensures best presentation with maximum yield and minimum give-away.”

The TVI range, part of ‘Fresh Meat Portioning’, one of seven Interfood divisions, features the GMS 500 singlecut and the GMS 1200 multicut, which can portion all types of red meat.

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