Thermal processing specialist Holmach Ltd will be launching a number of key developments at this year’s show aimed at extending the range of applications for their market leading range of Lagarde retorts.
2014-15 has seen many installations of Lagarde units into the meat processing industry for cooking of vacuum packed “Food to Go” such as pulled meats, shanks and brisket products for leading retailers. Examples of these will be on display in addition to a Lagarde test retort, which is available to rent to customers looking to develop new or existing products.

From Terlet of the Netherlands we will be demonstrating the new Delta 700 series of scraped surface heat exchangers designed for rapid heating or cooling of all types of products from sauces to molasses and fruit.

Roboqbo has achieved great success in the UK with their cut, cook and cool vessels for small batch / high quality foods, aimed at reducing cooking time whilst retaining superior texture, colour and taste.
From CFT of Italy comes a high speed can seamer, ideal for both beverage and food applications, completely constructed in stainless steel.

Finally from Mengibar of Spain comes a filler/capper monoblock for household and horticultural trigger pump bottles designed to run from 80 to 200 bottles per minute with fully automatic sorting, feeding and capping of trigger caps with bendy straws!

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