ERP software from CSB-System is providing control of the entire value-added chain at the Wolf group of companies, one of the leading players in the German meat industry. The fully integrated solution ensures effective planning and product management as well as comprehensive traceability of all finished products.

In coverage planning, the system provides a link between the key processes to ensure production volumes can be planned in the best possible way, taking into account previous data, current inventory stocks and possible individual campaigns. The resulting calculated production quantities are transferred to the CSB production order management system, and these are then generated for each cost centre.

This provides a production plan for every cost centre manager, leading to effective material procurement, operator deployment and machine allocation.

“The integrated function for calculating the delivery rate allows us at any time to recall up-to-date information for verifying the delivery capacity,” explains Jan Seidel, Head of Logistics and IT at Wolf. “Thus delivery bottlenecks can be detected and eliminated at an early stage.”

Full traceability starts with the labelling of all incoming raw materials via the CSB system. The entry label includes information such as the item number and description, entry date, quantity, storage location, supplier and lot number.

In addition, the weigh labellers and labelling devices receive the information via the CSB system and the data is transmitted to the ‘mynetfair’ internet platform for consumers.

Wolf supports both ‘upstream’ and ‘downstream’ traceability. This means that both suppliers of the raw materials and consumers can be identified.

“Over the years we have steadily increased the level of automation in our group of companies,” concludes Jan Seidel. “Today, all processes are represented and perfectly matched in a fully integrated overall system.”

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