Responding to an ever-changing market for labelling products faster, with greater accuracy and less downtime between change-overs, Advanced Labelling Systems Ltd (ALS) will be introducing their 3rd Generation R-Series Rotary Labellers at this year’s PPMA Show (Stand A60).

Depending on the size of the base machine and the number of labelling heads, labels can be applied for either wrap-around, front, back, neck, tamper-evident, or tax-strip applications, in any position and if programmable servo-driven platforms are installed, then each application setup is selectable at the push of a button.

For example, the ALS R-24, with 24 platforms, can have up to 5 labelling heads deployed at once or used in pairs, in a tandem mode, for continuous non-stop running. Changing from one container’s height to another is also automatic, with electronically controlled turret positioning.

Product alignment (registration) can be achieved using the traditional mechanical method or, for greater flexibility, a vision based optical system is available. The ALS label-vision system looks at a whole container through 360°, while it is in motion. By training the system to look for the unique attribute(s) of the container or bottle, the PLC keeps track of each and every one and instructs the servo-driven platform to turn just the right amount, so that every product is in the same, correct position – all before the first label is applied – at speeds of up to 36000 per hour!

The same technology can be used for label-on-product verification, so if any label has been applied in a manner that does not conform, then the reject gate will engage at the out-feed and will divert the product away from the main line, isolated for further inspection.

All of the ALS R-Series Gen3 systems share the same PLC control, intuitive touch-screen display and universal semi-circular form-factor, for easy positioning of any of the company’s standard range of ALS 200 and 300 series label applicators, including their newly launched Linerless applicator and the ALS FastPaQ series.

For further information contact: Janet Wilson [email protected] Or contact ALS by telephone on: 01844 213177