British freezing and chilling system manufacturer Starfrost has struck an exclusive supply deal with a leading food processing equipment specialist.

Starfrost has further strengthened its prime position in the global food industry by bolstering its strategic alliance with Australasian firm Milmeq. Following a successful partnership between the two companies in New Zealand and Australia, Starfrost is now acting as the sole agent for Milmeq in the UK and Ireland.

Starfrost is the UK and Ireland’s exclusive supplier of Milmeq’s bespoke range of Carton Tunnels for chilling and freezing food products packaged in cartons or boxes. The equipment range features the Single Retention Tunnel (SRT) and Multiple Retention Tunnel (MRT) for packaged meat, dairy, poultry and seafood products that require long retention times.

Starfrost’s Sales Director Robert Long says: “After successfully representing Starfrost in the Australasian marketplace, we’re proud to be promoting Milmeq to food manufacturers in the UK and Ireland. Milmeq is a world class supplier and its quality engineered Carton Tunnel systems will strengthen our bespoke freezing and chilling equipment portfolio.”

The Milmeq SRT carton tunnel is a bespoke chiller or freezer with an air blast cooling system that provides single uniformed conditioning. The system is designed for varying product types and different carton sizes that all require the same chill or freeze time. The fully automatic multi-shelf system allows the operator to select preset programmes or set the required retention time for each product line via an integrated control panel.

During their 10-year association Milmeq (formerly The Realcold Group) selected Starfrost as its exclusive supplier of spiral freezers and IQF (individual quick frozen) systems to food manufacturers in New Zealand and Australia.

Established in 1984, Starfrost has remained a market leader in freezing and chilling technology for nearly three decades, working with food manufacturers in more than 50 countries worldwide. Starfrost’s reliable in-line systems are designed to add maximum value, boost production and minimise running costs.

For sales information, phone the Starfrost sales team on 01502 562206, email [email protected] or visit


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