Leaks and spillages pose a real risk to businesses. Not only could leakages cause significant damage to the premises, wildlife and the surrounding environment, spilled fluids could also pose a threat to the safety and health of employees. Even minor spills such as an oil leak from a vehicle must be investigated, cleaned correctly and reported to the environment agency. Duty holders must ensure that they comply with strict health and safety and environmental legislation. Failing to do so could result in prosecution and fines, so it is vital that companies are informed, prepared and can act fast when a spill does happen.

As the UK’s leading safety company, Arco has developed an expert guide designed to provide specific advice on spill containment and control. The guide provides details on current laws and regulations, as well as information on the identification of hazards. Arco has a comprehensive spill product offering and can assist customers in the selection of the most appropriate spill control, aftercare and oil storage and containment products required for individual needs.

To help ensure businesses achieve compliance with the latest regulations, including BS EN ISO 14001, and maintain a safe, environmentally responsible site, Arco health, safety and environmental consultants can carry out site surveys and offer a proactive approach to spillage management. Arco Training & Consultancy provides a number of bespoke and accredited training solutions to support businesses and offers courses in environmental management control and compliance, control of hazardous substances and spill response training, amongst others.

To book in a training session, please contact your local Arco sales office to discuss your requirements.

For more information and to download your copy of the Expert Guide, please visit www.arco.co.uk/spillcontrol.