Exotic mushroom grower Smithy Mushrooms says the switch to top-sealed trays using a Proseal GT1 tray sealer has delivered improved product presentation and extended shelf life for its range of specialist mushrooms, including oyster and shiitake, supplied to leading retailers, including Tesco and M&S.

The GT1 has also increased throughput, achieving around 60 packs per minute on a standard 150g punnet and 30 packs per minute for a special three-compartment tray.

“We have been very impressed with the Proseal GT1,” comments John Dorian of Smithy Mushrooms. “The seal quality is excellent and this has added several days to the shelf life of our mushrooms, as well as creating a better look for the packs on shelf. The GT1 is also extremely easy to use, including fast set up and changeovers, while its reliability is outstanding.”

The Touch Screen Control can be viewed and controlled remotely from any PC and provides full graphical operator interface.

High speeds are achieved through the use of a servo-driven infeed conveyor and a high accuracy tray positioning system and the GT1 is easily accessible for assembly, maintenance and wash down.

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