Alfa Laval – a leading global provider of products and modules for the beer, beverage and food industries – has launched an aseptic beer-in-box filler plus an ultra-high-speed bag-in-box filler that is 4-5 times faster than standard aseptic fillers.

Bag-in-box is a handy package that attracts customers due to its various benefits:

* Long storage time due to sterile filling and impermeable films, granting constant product quality

* Ideal for a wide variety of beverage & food products, dairy as well as non-dairy, including products with fibres, seeds and particulates.

* Convenience and flexibility thanks to the variety of caps for one or multiple dispensing units including refrigerated (or heated) solutions.

Due to general global trends such as urbanization and fast food, the bag-in-box concept offers a good solution for a variety of prepared food that satisfy the new demands.

A complete range of aseptic and non-aseptic bag-in-box/drum fillers and cartoning lines

The two new fillers are part of a very wide range of Alfa Laval Astepo aseptic and non-aseptic

bag-in-box and bag-in drum fillers.

The ultra-high-speed and beer-in-box fillers can be delivered as stand-alone modules or as part of a complete, integrated system including other Alfa Laval modules like e.g. AlfaTherm Flash Pasteurization, Alrox Decarbonation, SteriTank and Combibox Cartoning System.

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