Lizi’s Granola has launched a tasty new concept cereal designed for ‘on the go’.

The new product Lizi’s Granola On the Go is a self-contained pouch and spoon pack containing delicious granola and lactose-free whole milk powder. The easy-to-open pouch, PushPop designed by Amcor, acts as a ready-made bowl – leaving the consumer to add a few spoonfuls of water to create a perfectly tasty and healthy breakfast.

Coming in a slim pouch that can be fitted into handbags, briefcases and even pockets the new range comes in three variants: Original, Treacle and Pecan, and Belgian Chocolate.

The cereal contains jumbo rolled oats, nuts and seeds that provide slow-releasing energy keeping you fuller for longer.

Lizi Shaw, founder of Lizi’s Granola says: “Lizi’s Granola On the Go meets the latest consumer needs for health combined with convenience. Increasingly busy lifestyles mean that making time for breakfast is particularly difficult, yet skipping breakfast can mean eating more to compensate later in the day and lead to weight gain. Lizi’s On the Go makes eating a healthy breakfast easy and convenient, however short on time you are.”

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