Coolsuredoors, the specialist manufacturer and installer of door systems for retail chiller cabinets, has launched a number of new door solutions, which provide not only an improved shopping experience for the customer, but also significant energy savings for the retailer. As part of coolsuredoors’ supply and installation services, these can be fitted on new or existing cabinets, either in store or off-site at coolsuredoors manufacturing facility in Sandy, Bedfordshire.

“Adding doors to refrigerated retail display cabinets has been proved to deliver increases in energy efficiencies of up to 40%,” explains Mike Tucker, Managing Director of coolsuredoors. “Our priorities have been focused on three key areas: excellent product visibility, significant energy savings and robust operation. From the retailers’ point of view, energy savings can have a major impact on the profitability of a store, but such savings mustn’t come at the expense of the customer’s shopping experience.

“The customer needs to be able to clearly see what’s on offer and then be able to quickly and safely access product. Both sliding and hinged doors on chiller cabinets come in for some pretty rough treatment from shoppers and we have been very mindful of this in our design and manufacturing processes. We have invested heavily in our own R&D test laboratory where we test door components to destruction.”

The new doors from coolsuredoors include glass hinged and sliding doors along with a hinged acrylic door. Manufacturing the doors in acrylic allows for a frameless solution, which gives improved product visibility.

The choice between hinged and sliding doors often comes down to space availability and in particular, the aisle width.

“Our new products sit alongside the already successful Universal door, which features our patent applied for system that allows the doors to be both hinged and sliding in one unit,” says Mike Tucker. “This offers retailers the best of both worlds, enabling easy access for customers shopping and for staff when restocking or remerchandising the cabinets.”

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