Serac enters the packaging manufacturing industry with a range of PET bottle blowing machines for dairy and edible oil products.

For several years now, the gap between packaging manufacturing and filling has been diminishing. Integral systems incorporating blowing, filling and capping are growing in popularity. PET increasing market share in dairy product bottling, one of Serac’s key outlets, along with customers requiring complete systems, have prompted the company to give their strategy a new direction and enter the packaging manufacturing industry.

A diversification strategy initiated in 2010

Today the company’s objective is to provide a range of PET bottle blowing machines that will reinforce the group’s position on its two key markets : dairy and edible oil. The machines are designed and assembled in the Kulua Lumpur, Malaysia, plant. They are an integral part of Serac’s blowing-filling-capping offer. A unique bottle transfer system enables the blowing machines to operate seamlessly with Serac’s filling and capping machines.

The growth of the Serac group in the packaging manufacturing industry does not limit itself to PET bottles, but also includes other applications such as PP and PS bottles using plastic sheets, based on the same principle as thermoformed yogurt cups (an additional expertise acquired with a stake in the Agami company in 2010).