Anyone serving pizza or thinking of putting pizza on the menu, should try the artisan made bases from Deli Conti Foodservice. Made in their own production unit in Nottingham, Luciano Vendone uses traditional methods and the finest ingredients to produce the stone baked bases which are frozen for food service.

Del Conti customers are pubs, restaurants, farm shops, cafes, nightclubs, schools and universities, anyone can produce a perfect rustic stone baked pizza with our bases, as if they had their very own pizza chef.

Luciano is essentially ‘ your’ pizza chef when you use these bases, he is passionate about the integrity of the ingredients and the key to the great taste is the slow fermentation. The customer only has to ensure that a very hot oven is available and some good quality toppings and the perfect impressive pizza can be created in minutes. We have also produced a ‘Mezzaluna’ which is a folded flatbread made with the same recipe. Its great for grilling or baking and eating on the go and looks a bit like an open Calzone.


Schools are taking our 14″ base which is slightly thicker than our 9″ and 12″ bases because the stand up well on the hotplate to be sold sliced. The quality of our ingredients and the fact that they are low in salt means that schools can serve pizza knowing that our bases are nutritious and favourable especially if they participate in the Food for Life Project. We also go out on site to work with the dinner ladies and get the kids involved in pizza making.

We really enjoy the work and when we see our customers pizza sales increasing it is very satisfying says Luciano, who also offers training in pizza dough making on the last Friday of every month.

To ensure our product is available nationally, we can send out small orders by post. All the details are available on the website


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