New product developments are the focus of Ilapak’s stand at this year’s Total Processing and Packaging Exhibition. The company’s display includes an upgraded version of the Delta 3000LDR flowrapper with enhanced sealing capabilities and new control system, the Vegatronic 4000 continuous film motion, open frame bagging machine, a Vegatronic 1000 with new resealable pack and the versatile and easy-to-use Smart flowrapper

The Delta 3000LDR is a well-established, inverted, electronic flowrapper designed to produce hermetically sealed modified atmosphere packs at high speeds of up to 140 packs a minute.

High integrity sealing is ensured by the Delta’s sealing head with ‘oval’ jaw motion profile to ensure a long dwell time and this has now been redesigned to give increased pressure and even greater reliability.

Ilapak’s Vegatronic 4000 continuous film motion (CFM) vertical, form, fill and seal (VFFS) machine has an open frame design which is ideal for deep-frozen, wet or fresh foods where strict hygiene standards and ease of machine cleaning are a priority.

A number of new enhancements have been incorporated into the Vegatronic 4000’s design including a new, more robust front safety guard, new rear and side safety guards providing easier access to the machine’s printer area and a redesigned, more hygienic cabinet design for easier cleaning.

Completing Ilapak’s display is the Vegatronic 1000, a mid range entry-level vertical machine and the Smart flowrapper, which is capable of high speeds of up to 100 packs per minute, Smart is ideal for food and non-food products, from bakery products, fresh produce and confectionery to toiletries and medical equipment.