Suncream Dairies has launched a new range of luxury sorbets featuring all natural fruit purees and real champagne.

Available in five tempting flavours – Lemon, Orange, Raspberry, Mango and Marc de Champagne – the easy scoop Premium Sorbets are a great addition to special occasion menus and with less than 2.5% fat, are an ideal treat for those counting the calories!

Developed for both retail and foodservice outlets, the sorbets come in distinctive 2 litre black tubs with gold labelling, and feature full barcodes for retail freezer facings. Made with a low overrun (air content) to optimise the number of scoops per tub, the sorbets have a super smooth texture and a great mouth feel – as well as truly authentic flavours.

“Every aspect of the sorbets, from the ingredients to the packaging to the taste of the fruit flavours and real champagne, suggests luxury through and through,” says Suncream managing director Rebecca Manfredi.

“They would sit very comfortably on menus for special occasions such as weddings and Christmas, yet they are also sufficiently realistically priced to enable caterers to offer them as a lovely indulgence on regular menus as they represent excellent value for money from a trusted brand.

“We’ve sourced the best possible ingredients to create a truly luxurious sorbet which offers superb quality at an attractive price, and which will enable caterers to significantly enhance their existing ice cream and desserts offering,” adds Rebecca.

The sorbets will be available from the autumn initially through Booker. For more information about Suncream Premium Sorbets please visit or call 01827 282571.

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