We would like to introduce you to our new ‘Latin American Taste Sensation’. Our on-going ‘Taste Quests’ continue to unearth tantalizing tastes from around the world. We are pleased to add these three fascinating ingredients from the heart of Latin America, which join our existing Latin, Mexican and other international food products.


Sweet Plantain – Ripened sweet Plantains are closely related to bananas, similarly flourishing well under tropical moisture-rich farmlands. Plantain is full of health benefits, providing fibre, Potassium, vitamins A, B6 and C. Pan Fry or Deep Fry. 10 x 1kg case.

Yuca (Cassava) fries – Yuca is a starchy South American root vegetable that resembles a potato when peeled. Crispy but very fine, Yuca Fries have a distinct sweet taste and are rumoured to aid digestion. Deep Fry. 10 x 1kg case.

Tostones – Tostones are green plantain that have been mashed and pre-fried. They are often salted and eaten similarly to potato chips as a side dish. Top with cheese, shrimp ceviche, or pulled chicken and served as an appetiser. Pan Fry, Deep Fry or Oven-bake. 10 x 1kg Case.

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