MTA Foods is set to shake up the meat-free market with the launch of its innovative chilled “Meet the Alternative” range in Waitrose, with a plan to roll products out to the convenience and independent retail channels soon and to other multiples going forward.

Designed to capitalise on the continued growth in the meat-free market, the products offer a welcome alternative as they are manufactured to look and taste like the meat equivalent and appeal to health conscious consumers actively looking to reduce their meat consumption.

Launched in six varieties: Beef Style Mince, Beef Style Pieces, Chicken Style Pieces, Pork Style Sausages, Cooked Beef Style Wafer Thin Slices, Beef Style Meatballs, they are made from soya, containing no artificial flavourings or preservatives. MTA Foods has carried out extensive research and says the appearance, depth of flavour, texture and taste is the closest possible to real meat.

The MTA range is packaged in clear trays with a large window area for clear visibility and the sleeves have been designed for merchandising in a portrait format for shelf space optimisation.

Tony Watson, founder and MD of MTA Foods Limited, comments: “This new range is a unique offering that delivers on both taste and quality and has been a massive hit in consumer tests. Innovation is one of the key drivers to success and already the company is working on further new products for 2013.”