Global food processing equipment manufacturer, JBT FoodTech, has introduced a new linear protein oven to its Double D product line. The launch responds to market demand for an oven designed for cooking breaded products, such as chicken nuggets and tenders, cost-effectively and energy-efficiently.

The new Revoband Classic Oven builds on the success of existing impingement ovens from JBT FoodTech. These include the Double D Revoband Continuous Protein Oven and the Stein JSO range.

The oven cooks by forced convection. It produces a very consistent cook and even colouring of products, while using a lower air velocity than the company’s current impingement ovens. The air velocity and cook process for the Revoband Classic Oven is optimised for the target applications, reducing operating costs.

A single zone 7-metre Revoband Classic Oven will cook up to 1,200kgs of par-fried chicken nuggets per hour. The company believes it will be of particular interest to many suppliers to the QSR (Quick Service Restaurant) sector.

Proven elements of the Double D Revoband oven design remain unchanged. These include the cook-zone water bath and access doors for inspection and cleaning. The simplified and easier-to-use Clean In Place system remains highly effective and is now augmented by optional belt brushes, or a powerful debris removal system.