Primera Technology – a leading manufacturer for label printing equipment – offers the perfect solution for all kinds of businesses that are in need of on-demand product labels. The CX1000e Color Label Printer is the first color laser printer in the world that prints on pre-die cut label rolls which are available in various media types: matt, high gloss or natural paper as well as transparent plastic films. CX1000e delivers short runs of razor-sharp printed labels, a print resolution of up to 4800 dpi and a print speed of five meters per minute. By having a label printer in-house it’s easy to personalize products, change graphics or text such as ingredients or best before dates whenever it is needed.

In order to receive finished label rolls, ready to be applied, the FX1000e Label Matrix Removal System by Primera is the perfect accessory for the CX1000e. Once the desired quantity of labels is produced, the printed label roll is placed in the FX1000e. That machine offers a fast and easy way to remove the matrix, slit the liner and rewind the labels into tightly wound rolls.?

By choosing Primera’s CX/FX1000e combo system it’s easy to produce professional labels perfect for the highest quality requirements.

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