SodaStream today announces it has undergone product carbon footprint certification with the Carbon Trust in order to assess the carbon impact of sparkling water, cola and diet cola made with its Fizz drinksmaker machine and concentrated syrups. This product footprinting work has found that cola drinks made with SodaStream’s cola syrup has a carbon footprint which is 75% less than that of other cola drinks sold in plastic (PET) bottles[1] in the UK.

The Carbon Trust certified the carbon footprints of SodaStream’s Fizz drinksmaker, and cola and diet cola syrups, against the requirements of PAS 2050: 2008, an international standard for the assessment of product life cycle greenhouse gas emissions.

The work conducted by the Carbon Trust provides third party certification of the total green house gas emissions from every stage of the products lifecycle, including manufacturing, distribution, storage, retail, gas cylinder refill, use and disposal.

At the heart of SodaStream’s core business is a practical solution for an everyday problem – plastic bottle waste. SodaStream drinksmakers allow users to reduce their carbon footprint by using far fewer plastic bottles – using water straight from the tap thereby cutting out the transportation and disposal of single use plastic bottles and cans. What’s more, SodaStream’s reusable carbonating bottle is estimated to save 2,000 bottles and cans in three years.

The Carbon Trust has verified that the carbon footprint of the cola and diet cola flavoured concentrated syrups, when made with a SodaStream Fizz drinksmaker, are 75% less greenhouse gas intensive that that of a generic cola or diet cola drink products sold in plastic (PET) bottles in the UK. The Carbon Trust also verified that sparkling water made with the Fizz drinksmaker has a product carbon footprint 85% less than that of generic sparkling water products sold in PET bottles in the UK.

SodaStream is an active green product, meaning that consumers are actively reducing their CO2 footprint every time they make carbonated drinks or sparkling water at home instead of buying from the supermarket. The Carbon Trust certification allows the brand to communicate the environmental benefit of its product versus single use shop-bought plastic bottles and cans. The more the SodaStream system is used, the more CO2 footprint the user actively saves.

Fiona Hope, Managing Director of SodaStream UK said: “Everything we buy, produce and use has an associated carbon footprint. Knowing you can re-create your favourite fizzy drinks in your own home at a much lower cost to both the environment and your purse should be incentive enough for us all to ditch the plastic bottles and cans, and start choosing products that enable us to live more sustainably.

Assessing the carbon footprint of our products is an important milestone for SodaStream and provides high quality reassurance to our customers that they really are doing their bit for the environment when they buy our products.”
Darran Messem, Managing Director of Certification, the Carbon Trust, said: “We congratulate SodaStream on calculating the carbon impact of SodaStream products. The certification work SodaStream has undertaken with the Carbon Trust proves that SodaStream is genuinely committed to understanding its environmental impact, and is taking climate change seriously. Certifying these products will have a positive effect on SodaStream’s reputation, and the business as a whole.”
SodaStream drinksmakers are available from John Lewis, selected Tesco stores, Argos, The Range, Comet, Lakeland, Robert Dyas, Harvey Nichols, Curry’s Megastores, Asda, Steamer Trading, selected House of Fraser stores and many other forward thinking retailers. The drinksmakers are priced from £49.99 and flavours from £3.49.

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