After more than 60 years of manufacturing electrochemistry meters, HORIBA is launching its latest generation of pocket meters.

The LAQUAtwin range is made up of a wide selection of instruments equipped with HORIBA’s exclusive flat sensor technology. This versatile range of meters can measure pH, conductivity, salt (NaCl) and nitrate, sodium, potassium and calcium ions. The sensor utilises the same measurement principle as traditional electrodes but it requires only 0.3ml of sample to enable quick and accurate analysis.

That makes it possible to directly measure samples such as meat, fish, fresh fruit, sauce, canned food, dairy, frozen vegetables, processed food and beer. To do so, the user simply places the sample onto the sensor and takes the reading.

The meter offers strong correlation with laboratory analysis. It can be used as a decision making tool and for quality inspection, delivering instantaneous assessment of pH, salt content or ion concentration.

Because these reagent-free meters allow direct measurement, making sample preparation and dilution are unnecessary.

The range’s user-friendliness and reliability are key benefits for professionals in food and drink production.

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