With extensive experience in filling and packaging liquid products such as water, soft drinks, beer, wine, whisky, oil & sauces, IC Filling Systems offers businesses worldwide a chance to tap into the company’s extensive project management & technical knowledge.

A traditional family business, IC Filling Systems is dedicated to listening to its clients, acting as their technical advisors and delivering individual solutions tailored to specific business needs and challenging budgets. This can range from developing a complete bottling line to integrating new equipment on to existing production lines, to setting up a green-field plant.

The IC Filling Systems production unit in Italy coordinates layout design, production and project management, while its Edinburgh-based team offers integrated customer care and after-sales support to internationally based clients. The company’s internal manufacturing capacity and longstanding relationships with other leading producers of packaging machines in each area of expertise makes them the ideal partner.

By offering specialist know-how in the areas of blow moulding, filling, capping and  labelling, as well as the packaging end-of-line design, IC Filling Systems is able to meet the requirements of organisations of all sizes, helping them on their way to success.