Lasting Leaf, the UK’s second largest bagged salad brand, is launching a new Caesar Salad ‘kit’ in ASDA stores nationwide this month.

The 270g salad bag is hot-pink for maximum on shelf stand-out. To encourage multiple uses and underline the brand’s ‘all week long’ positioning, each bag contains romaine lettuce, two sachets of Caesar Salad dressing, two sachets of bread croutons and Parmesan cheese.

Melanie Dean, Lasting Leaf Marketing Manager, explains: “We’re delighted to be expanding our range and introducing this new Caesar Salad ‘kit’. This new variant has been developed in response to consumer demand for a fresh Caesar Salad that lasts longer and can be served on several occasions”.

This is the first time bagged salad has been positioned specifically for multi-use and this is clearly communicated on pack. Consumers are encouraged to place half the salad leaves in a bowl, pour over one of the dressing and crouton sachets, lightly toss the salad and serve with some Parmesan cheese. The remainder of the leaves and sachets can then be used the next day or later in the week.

“Our research shows that there is growing demand for products that are fresh but last longer and avoid waste. Our consumers often go back to their bags for more than one sitting, so we believe there is great potential in this multiple usage sector and in offering consumers both convenience and variety”, concludes Dean.

Lasting Leaf is the only salad brand that uses a unique ‘blanching’ technique developed by parent company Natures Way Foods. The blanching involves washing the salads in both warm and cold water to ensure the leaves stay fresh for two days longer once the bag has been opened. The re-sealable tag on the bag helps consumers store the salad in the fridge without spillage.

The Lasting Leaf salad range also offers four other variants: Sweet & Crunchy (iceberg, romaine, red cabbage and carrot), Crispy Crunchy (iceberg, frisée and radicchio), Green Leaf (iceberg and romaine) and Mild & Crispy (frisée, lambs lettuce and radicchio).