Celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2012, Bentley’s Traditional Butchers blends the best of today’s freshness and quality with the traditional values and personal service you expect from a neighbourhood store, but seldom find nowadays.

A proud member of the Meat Federation, Bentley’s offers a wide range of quality meats and local produce, including the finest beef, pork, free range chickens, ham, poultry, sausage, lamb and game.

A fine selection of cheeses, home cooked cold meats, fruit pies, haggis, black pudding, goose fat, chutneys, pork pies, Yorkshire biscuits and locally produced honey are also available and sought after not just by discerning customers in and around Leeds, but as far afield as Cornwall and Scotland (Bentley’s now offer ‘Next Day Delivery’ to all parts of Britain).

And this demand will come as no surprise to those who know the company. Bentley’s has, for instance, picked up prestigious awards for both pork pies and sausages, which it produces itself with locally reared and sourced meat at its outlet in Pudsey, in the Great Yorkshire Pork Pie, Sausage and Products competition and The Pork Pie Appreciation Society awards.

In 2010 it was ‘Supreme Champion’ in the sausage and pork pie category and in 2011 ‘Supreme Champion’ in the pork pie category. No wonder other butchers, as well as leading restaurants, pubs and other discerning customers, such as nursing homes, rely upon Bentley’s for the freshest and highest quality local meats and pies.

Indeed, in an age of pre-packed and pre-portioned meat it is heartening to see a traditional, ‘old-fashioned’ butcher enjoying such success. Bentley’s Steve Martin thinks he understands why, “Today, people want to know more about their food. They’ll make that special journey to a butcher’s shop if you offer them something extra, whether it’s superior quality, a greater knowledge about their meat, cooking advice or a unique product.”

For a generation of home cooks who devour food magazines and celebrity chefs, and have a real thirst for information about different types of food and cooking methods, Bentley’s helps cultivate their skills.” It’s great for customers to be able to come in and get genuine suggestions on how to prepare things,” Steve explains. “We can enhance their cooking.

It’s quite common nowadays to go to a supermarket and end up with someone who doesn’t know much about what he or she is selling. Having an old-style butcher’s shop where you can get real people helping you sets us apart.
“Over the years people have become disengaged with their food.

Things are now slowly changing: people want to see where their food is coming from, and we can tell them,” he concludes.

Which goes a long way to explaining why more and more people prefer to make a special trip to Bentley’s rather than pick up their meat at a local supermarket. Yes, they can sometimes find meat closer, but Bentley’s is worth the journey for a number of reasons.

It’s a ‘small’ business rather than a big shed, and they ensure that they put out only good, fresh product and treat customers with the friendliness and courtesy they deserve; need help with your menu? How much do you need? What cut works best? At Bentley’s they have a very experienced team with many years of helping customers; you think all meat tastes the same? Have you tried a beef tenderloin from a supermarket – sorry, but it’s just not the same. Bentley’s is genuinely different … and better.

Whether it’s perfectly aged beef, succulent veal or lamb, fresh pork chops, or poultry, Bentley’s delivers only the finest quality meats available.

The ‘neighbourhood butcher’ has to do with even more than the meat too. It’s having a place to shop, often within within walking distance, where neighbours and regulars can mingle, building a true community instead of just somewhere to live. And of course, those from further away still enjoy Bentley’s famous level of service: so whether you are based in Leeds or Launceston, you get a smile (and the finest value) with every order.

Bentley’s can assure you of service and selection that stands out from the rest. It’s the company’s way of saying “thank you” for being able to serve its ever-growing army of customers for these past years.

Put simply, customers – both consumer and trade – are looking for a better quality product and a sense of community that you can’t find in the refrigerator aisle. So whether you are looking for a beef joint for Sunday dinner, burgers for a barbecue or a nice steak, Bentley’s should be your first port of call. They will also put together BBQ packs, meat hampers or meat packs to individual specification – just ask!

To find out more, telephone 0113 257 9893 or visit the website at www.bentley’sbutchers.co.uk.
Bentley’s: always good food, always good value.

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