Zorneding/Munich, 15.12.2010. TSC Auto ID can present a first line of 2″ thermal transfer label printers under the name TTP-225. These elegant table-top units provide a huge memory of up to four GB, a printing speed of up to five ips and a large number of interfaces so that they are suitable for demanding applications, for instance, in the food industry, textile industry and jewellery industry, in the retail trade and in the health industry.

Small thermal transfer labels of two inches (5.08 centimetres) in size are popular in a number of industries. Retail users need them to print price labels; they are used to label samples in the health and pharmaceutical industries. Car repair shops note the last oil change on two-inch labels and in the cosmetics industry they are used to label the packaging.

Thermal transfer label printers have to work fast and with absolute precision to allow the problem-free integration of the labelling process into production and logistics processes; they must also fit easily into the existing infrastructure. The Taiwan-based company TSC Auto ID can offer a very powerful and comparatively inexpensive spectrum of units for this purpose with the new thermal transfer label printer series TTP-225.

The TTP-225 units have a print speed of up to 127 millimetres a second (= 5 ips at a resolution of 203 dpi) so that they are currently the fastest thermal transfer label printers in this category – and also the lightest with a weight of 1.5 kilograms per unit. At the higher resolution of 300 dpi, the TTP-225 prints at a print speed of 76.2 millimetres a second (three ips).

A number of sensors ensure that the two-inch labels do not slip at the high print speed and can be printed clearly and with millimetre precision. The TTP-225 series has a USB 2.0 interface and a serial RS-232 interface as standard. An internal Ethernet LAN interface for network connections is available as an option. All TSC printers come with a two-year warranty.

Memory can be expanded to 4 GB

The TTP-225 series comes with a memory of eight MB in SDRAM operation as standard and of four MB with an addressable FLASH memory. An SD flash memory card slot allows the printers to be expanded up to four gigabyte flash memory as an option. Other options include an LCD display (128 x 64 pixels), a guillotine blade, a KP-200 keyboard and an HCS-200 scanner from TSC. A real time clock is available as standard

The user-friendly clamshell design of the TTP-225 series allows easy insertion of supplies. Label rolls, print head and platen roll can be replaced in seconds. When printing thicker material labels (up to 0.19 millimetres), the holder for the printing roll is simply reset. Ribbon material and label rolls with an outer diameter of up to 127 millimetres (print width = 54 mm) can be used.

Perfectly adapted to different environmental conditions

In operation, the TTP-225 is designed for a temperature range from 5° to 40° Celsius (41° to 104° Fahrenheit) and for humidity values of 25° to 85%. It can, however, actually be stored at temperatures from minus 40° to plus 60° Celsius (-40° to 140° Fahrenheit) and at humidity values from ten to 90%.

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