Sustainability is more than today’s buzzword. It’s about driving excess material from packaging, reducing energy use and eliminating waste. The challenge for brand owners is to preserve and improve product protection and shelf impact, while also using materials and technologies that reduce the environmental impact of packaging. Constar is committed to enabling our customers to attain their sustainability goals through thoughtful, innovative design supported by our CONSTruct advanced predictive engineering software and sophisticated materials that enable us to produce lightweight packages without sacrificing performance. In many cases, the aesthetics and performance of these new, more sustainable packages are enhanced.


Sustainability = Opportunity

As the demand for more sustainable food and beverage packaging grows, it also creates opportunities for Constar and our customers. Retailers and consumers demand more from the products they buy in the form of sustainable packaging. The environmentally friendly nature of PET combined with Constar’s advanced design and engineering capabilities allows us to provide true, sustainable value to our customers’ packaging.

Constar’s PET barrier technologies – Oxbar®, MonOxbar® and DiamondClear® – form the basis of lightweight, recyclable bottles and containers for an ever expanding range of products, including

ready-to-drink juices and teas, enhanced waters, beer, wine, condiments, salsas and sauces, fruits, and other shelf-stable foods. We then employ proprietary design and engineering technologies – CONSTruct™ and i-Design™ – and world class design expertise to optimise performance and material use to create the most sustainable packaging solution. The resulting packages satisfy retailers’ and consumers’ desires for sustainable packaging, with the added value of barrier and operational performance, convenience, portability, and being shatterproof.

For Constar, sustainability is about operating in an environmentally and socially responsible manner that creates value for our shareholders and benefits for society. It is about making fundamental choices about actions that support the quality of life now and in the future. Constar has a rich history of operating in a sustainable manner via programs like glass-to-PET conversions, light-weighting projects, energy-reducing technologies and conservation methods, and increased use of

post-consumer recycled content in our containers.

We encourage source-reduction, recycling, and energy and water use programs that promote clean air and water, conserve scarce resources, and reduce landfill wastes. We consider environmental impacts in our capital budgeting and expenditure programs and in daily operations. We seek out advice from industry leaders on the evolving best practices in sustainable solutions to the environmental aspects of our business.


Weight Reduction

Using Diamond Clear® Constar are able to reduce the weight of a container without affecting its overall performance, and in most cases improving the performance.

The following graph shows the Oxygen ingress on a 47grm bottle using standard PET resin, by adding Diamond Clear® and reducing the weight down to 27grm the oxygen ingress remained below 10ppm for up to 420 days.



New chemistry for DiamondClear technology further enhances its barrier performance, clarity and recyclability.

Effective July 22, 2009, DiamondClear was cleared by the FDA for use with virtually all oxygen-sensitive food and beverage products. With our new DiamondClear oxygen scavenging technology, Constar has redefined the category of high-performance PET containers, giving brand managers an exciting new option to optimize brand image, product protection, operational performance, and sustainability.

DiamondClear is a proprietary technology that substantially elevates the barrier.

Diamond Clear’s huge capacity for oxygen scavenging:

• Delivers longer shelf life than competing monolayer PET packaging™ up to two years

• Enables extreme light-weighting

• Minimizes empty bottle life concerns

Other Key Benefits include:

• Exceptional clarity and gloss

• Robust monolayer structure

• Compatible with PETE-1 recycling streams.


Glass Replacement Projects Using Hot Fill Technologies

Using Constar’s patented X4 base and VCT (Vertical Compensation Technology) design we are now able to offer PET that can withstand high fill temperatures.


Constar Europe are now working on a wide mouth jar that has the appearance of a standard glass jar and takes a 63mm metal crown closure. The jar can withstand fill temperatures up to 85°c without showing any signs of distortion.

Creating packaging solutions for hot fill beverages and foods demands special knowledge of processing technologies. Constar expertise and patents enable us to design, develop, and manufacture PET bottles and jars that withstand hot fill processes used in packaging shelf stable foods and beverages. Our advanced technical and design capabilities allow us to produce innovative, value-adding packages that enable brand owners, private label manufacturers, and retailers to deliver value to consumers in the form of sustainable, lightweight, unbreakable, and attractive PET packaging that withstands the rigors of the hot fill process.

Constar is developing a variety of next-generation hot-fill containers that allow for creative designs without the limitations imposed by traditional vacuum compensation features. These “panel-less” designs will be available from stock as well as custom bottles and jars in the

near future.



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