When Jeffers Home Bakery first opened its doors for business, Walt Disney’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarves was the hot new cinema release and Pablo Picasso had just finished his masterpiece, Guernica.

The year was 1937; a year that sowed the seeds for a long tradition of high quality and award winning baking. And it all began with an old van, a door-to-door bread round and a big basket of entrepreneurial spirit.

Today, the company not only has its own modern bakery, but also six incredibly popular retail outlets in Lisburn and Belfast: in fact, for many people, bread, confectionery and fresh cream cakes by any other name would never taste the same!

Although the business has changed dramatically down the years, there is one aspect of it that the founder, William Jeffers, would recognise instantly – the highest level of customer service to support a product range that many consumers feel is simply unrivalled. It hasn’t gone unnoticed by the business community either.

Indeed, Jeffers Home Bakery no longer supplies just its own shop, it also delivers daily to a wide range of discerning clients, from leading wholesalers through to garage forecourts and onto perennially popular retailers such as Henderson’s.

The range of products is pretty special though. Fresh cream cakes, buns and gateaux, for instance, are all made from freshly whipped dairy cream. These include apple sponge, black forest gateau, chocolate soufflé cups with strawberry cream, chocolate Swiss roll, jam roll, orange flan, pavlova, pear and peach flan, puff pastry caramel slice, strawberry flan, strawberry/plain gateau and trifles; not forgetting fresh cream crepes with apple, apple and blueberry, pineapple and strawberry fillings! An equally vast range of fresh cream buns include fresh cream chocolate éclairs, which have even been supplied to royal functions in Hillsborough Castle!

Then there is Jeffers famous fruit loaf, which is made to an age old recipe with golden sun ripened Turkish sultanas, best quality Chinese walnuts and superior Italian red glacé cherries. Jeffers Home Bakery also offers the largest selection of tray bakes and pastries in the industry, from a caramel slice to its renowned coconut snowballs. Of course, the bakery supplies wedding cakes and birthday cakes too, with its highly experienced and creative cake decorators having a reputation for both imaginative designs and incredible workmanship. Naturally, you can get a cake for almost every day of the year nowadays (from Valentine’s Day through to Halloween), with Christmas Jeffers Home Bakery’s busiest time of the year, when it produces a huge range of popular Christmas lines, including Christmas cake/slices, mince pies, fruit loaves, Christmas novelty short-bread, stollen, truffles, Christmas sultana, cherry, Madeira, caraway seed, Genoa, walnut, Dundee, Christmas puddings, Christmas logs, petit fours, sherry trifles, brandy pavlovas and Christmas gateaux.

To find out more – and yes, there is more! – visit www.jeffersbakery.co.uk.

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