What an amazing name for a wholesaling operation and yet, when you think about it, what could be more suitable for a company that is bringing such a wide range of delightful products to the UK market!

The company was set up originally to import a range of Belgian beers and to sell them across the UK, but has moved a long way forward since then.

Joint Managing Director Zak Avery explains, “The original aim was purely to bring in Belgian beers but, over the years, the demand has grown for a much wider selection and today we offer more than 700 beers from over 30 countries. These now include the original Belgian beers, beers from smaller UK breweries as well as an increasing range from countries far and near, including the USA. It is interesting that one automatically thinks of American beers as being the

well-known rather bland lagers but it is fair to say that currently the USA brewery scene is one of the most exciting in the world with some top quality, flavourful beers.”

Four people are employed in the company’s premises near York and from here they supply to small independent off licences and to bars and restaurants. Local deliveries are made using their own vehicles while customers across the UK and indeed all over the world are supplied with palletised deliveries by courier.

Zak adds, “We run a mail order service from our warehouse and we also have a retail outlet in Headingley, Leeds, called ‘Beer Ritz’. In addition, we have increased our service to our on-trade customers, we can supply branded glassware and point-of-sale materials, and for the off-trade, we have a great selection of glassware, gift packs, and beers in all sized bottles from 25cl, 33cl, 75cl, to magnum, double-magnum and methuselah (that’s six litres!). Another unique aspect of our operation is that, unlike other suppliers, we offer the facility to split cases, so a customer can stock a wider range of beers at less cost.

“Unlike wine,” Zak says, “beer is not portrayed with the right image. Like wine, it is an agricultural product that can vary from batch to batch and from year to year to year, depending upon the quality of the barley and the hops at the time of harvesting. Beer can and should be a truly gastronomic experience and not just something that is swilled down in vast quantities on a Friday or Saturday night. Over the years, the types and varieties of beers – not simply those from the UK – have increased considerably and we are no longer just talking about straight ales but there are now a great many flavoured varieties that should be enjoyed slowly in the right company.”

Turning now to Beer Ritz, this is the longest established on-line beer shop in the UK. Zak says, “From real ale to imported lagers, from stouts to fruit beers, from Britain, to Belgium to Australia and back again. If you are either a dedicated beer connoisseur in search of something special, or if you are just starting to explore the world of quality beers, then welcome to heaven! We offer a huge range from around the world with something to suit every taste. Deliveries are normally made the following day if orders are placed before 12 noon to the whole of mainland UK.

“When my co-director Karen Annely and I became involved in Beer Paradise and then took it over, it was because we saw a company that was definitely going in the right direction. We decided that we wanted to share in the success of a business that we had helped to create and we are looking forward to a bright future.”

For further information please telephone 01423 359 533 or visit www.beerparadise.co.uk and www.beerritz.co.uk


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