An international seafood business with factories, offices and partnerships all over the world, Rainbow Seafood has the resources, infrastructure, capability and reach to serve trade clients wherever they may be located, with a rare combination of quality, responsiveness and highly competitive pricing.

Rainbow Seafood has packaging, distribution and sales centres in the UK, China and the United States, but owes its heritage to its origins in the Faroe Islands, which are home to the company’s fishing fleet, farms and state-of-the-art processing plants.

This heritage is important because it affects every facet of the service the company gives to its customers. Rainbow Seafood uses the most up to date technologies to maximise product quality and shelf life, but is also committed to maintaining an ancient tradition that places enormous emphasis on sustainability. It’s a successful union of the old and the new; a methodology that is accountable, responsible and proven to yield seafood of truly outstanding quality.

The Faroes are home to two of Rainbow Seafood’s purpose-built processing plants and to its fleet of 15 long-liners, which land their catch daily at the company’s factories, ensuring only the very best quality. These factories specialise in superior whitefish fillets and loins, which can be delivered throughout the UK and Europe within 72 hours of catch.

In Glasgow, Rainbow Seafood has a highly advanced salmon processing plant and large refrigerated cold stores. The plant is capable of handling 4000 tonnes of fresh salmon and trout products per annum. The UK sales headquarters is in Lancashire, from where Rainbow Seafood can meet the needs of wholesale and retail customers throughout Europe.

Rainbow Seafood Inc. is based in Massachusetts, USA. The business specialises in frozen ground fish products for the fast growing seafood market in America and Canada.

Rainbow Seafood in Qingdao is the base of the company’s Chinese procurement office. Its highly -trained staff manage the quality control and co-operation with a number of plants in China, and currently produce a wide range of ground fish products for the US and European markets.

All of the company’s plants produce to the highest standard, employing HACCP systems as well as internal quality assurance systems. These systems ensure that all products are of the very highest quality.

At every stage of the operations, Rainbow Seafood does all it can to minimise waste and reduce its carbon footprint. For example, it is now leading the way in introducing re-usable plastic containers in preference to single-use polystyrene boxes, and continues to look for new opportunities to make the company the supplier of choice for all customers who value accountability and sustainability.

Having its own long-liners, processing and packaging plants helps Rainbow Seafood to keep its prices extremely competitive and means that it maintains strict quality control at every stage. It also enables the company to adapt its operations to suit changing market demand. From the initial catch to packaging and delivery schedules, every element can be fine tuned to provide customers with exactly what they need, when they need it.

Rainbow Seafood can supply fresh and frozen product, including Salmon, Cod, Haddock, Whitings, Lemon Sole, Plaice, Monkfish, Smoked Fish, Exotic Fish, Prawns, Coley, Skate, Hake, Tuna, Swordfish, Red Snapper, Kippers, Lobsters, Halibut, Trout, Langoustines, Scallops, and many more.


Rainbow Seafood’s logo guarantees quality control from catch to distribution and only the superior quality fish which fulfils the highest standards is packed into Rainbow. For further information, visit


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