Best described as edible diamond-like flakes, Magic Sparkles are a wonderful way to enhance gourmet and speciality food items. They are essentially small decorative flakes that can be sprinkled on cakes, pastries, chocolates, donuts, cup cakes, cookies and similar dry food items.

A rainbow effect, reflecting the entire spectrum, is revealed when light shines on each flake. It’s truly magical!

Fully edible and GM free, Magic Sparkles were created in 1995 following an extensive research programme to produce an edible prismatic finish using an optical effect. Today, Magic Sparkles are used by purveyors of speciality foods worldwide and are widely celebrated as a niche and highly innovative food decoration product, turning the simplest gathering into an occasion.

Perfect for enhancing specific features in your creations, or just adding some plain glitz and glamour, Magic Sparkles let your imagination run wild; the possibilities are endless and bring a whole new dimension to any event or celebration.

But what exactly are ‘Magic Sparkles’? Well, Magic Sparkles are made using a complex proprietary process, the basis of which is a number of modified food starches. JK Enterprise and its sister businesses are the only ones to utilise this technology in this manner worldwide. It’s science, but it works like magic.

Unflavoured to ensure that there is no interference with the taste of your creation, Magic Sparkles not only use approved food colours, but now also supply a new range using natural colourings. The Traditional Range incorporates pink, red, gold, green, blue, violet, chocolate, hint of pink, hint of green, hint of blue, hint of violet, and hint of lime, whilst the new Natural Range takes in rose quartz pink, tanzanite blue, citrine yellow, emerald green, onyx black, chocolate caramel, amethyst violet, jade green, garnet red, and crystal white.

All Magic Sparkles products are available in two flake sizes. Medium flakes are suitable for cupcakes, donuts or smaller creations whereas standard flakes are more appropriate for larger items or where you wish to specifically create a “jewel like” effect. Magic Sparkles are most commonly sold in retail quantities i.e. 1.5gm loose pots or retail packs but catering and bulk quantities are available upon request.

So if you want to make a lasting impression, visit for further information and to find out for yourself how fantasy can take flight with the help of this truly amazing product – Magic Sparkles!