Food technology company Paleo this week announces its ground-breaking technology to bring the true taste and aroma of meat and fish to plant-based meat and fish alternatives. 

On June 30, 2022, the World International Property Organization published Paleo’s patent application detailing its precision fermentation technology. This means it can begin production of its animal-free heme proteins that actually taste like the meat and fish they are replicating. 

To date, plant-based meat alternatives taste almost like meat but not quite. Consumers are interested in trying meat and fish alternatives but are not convinced by the taste.

Paleo offers a compelling answer to this challenge, with its portfolio of animal-free heme proteins that are bio-identical to beef, chicken, pork, lamb, tuna (and even mammoth). 

Heme is responsible for the taste and colour of meat. Before cooking, heme will give meat alternatives a red colour that turns to brown during cooking. Heme also offers superior nutritional value, the iron in heme easier to absorb than iron in vegetables.

In side-by-side tests, the difference between a plant-based burger using Paleo heme and a conventional plant-based burger is immediately clear. The former smells like a burger, changes colour when cooked like a burger and tastes like a beef burger – the other one just doesn’t. 

Paleo offers:

  • A choice of six different proteins. consumers will be able to taste the difference between chicken nuggets and tuna sashimi.
  • Animal-free but bio-identical to animal protein
  • GMO-free. Paleo is the first to develop a heme fermentation process where the yeast cells release the heme into the environment, resulting in a highly pure product that is GMO-free. 

Paleo is preparing market entry in the US, Canada, Europe, Latin America and Asia, with estimations that the first meat and fish alternatives with Paleo ingredients will be on shelf in 2023. 

Andy de Jong, COO and co-founder of Paleo: “Paleo heme production is only the beginning. Using our technology, we can also create other ingredients that are essential to the meat or fish experience and mouth feel, like fats. We’re very excited about the possibilities our technology offers.”